Henrietta Barker is the Founder of  Henrietta Barker Ltd, assistant and support staff talent. Host of the Assistants Together podcast and Workk podcast.


Encouraging positive collaboration, learning and encouragement within the international support team community. 

I am a passionate champion of working smart and encourage flexibility within the business to drive greater equality, diversity and make it easier for mothers to return to the work place.

Curating contemporary careers. How to create the career you want, job searching help and lots more.   

The podcast for assistants and the admin community. Sharing experiences and ideas allows for true collaboration. 

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Henrietta Barker

I built my career in support staff recruitment in London and loved it. I grew a strong network and relished strategically advising people to find the best outcome for their

company and career.

In 2019, I relaunched my business to disrupt the talent acquisition and recruitment sector after realising it was broken and inefficient.


Recruiters and headhunters were still incentivised every step of the way to benefit only themselves, not you, or your business.

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