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Apply For Jobs

You don’t need to meet every qualification to apply for a job.

So many people will tell you that you need to tick every box before you apply for a job. Who has told you to think like this? Almost every recruiter and every advert you have ever read that’s who.

What if I told you that you shouldn’t meet all the criteria? What would you say? I need to have all the skills otherwise I won’t do a good job? I’m not good enough for this role?

Companies want someone to join them that has room to grow and develop because they don’t want you to outgrow the role too quickly. They want you to find someone to mentor you and for you to have long term job satisfaction rather than get bored after a couple of months. They want you to be competent and able but everyone takes some time in a new job to do well.

Many women, sadly, a large proportion of women are less likely to apply for jobs that they’re not qualified for. You may also feel like you have imposter syndrome, why would they want me? That horrible voice, telling you you’re not capable BUT this is just really holding you back from going for what you want.

You can reframe and rework this and I want to let you know that you should use the list of skills/qualifications as a guideline not just a list outlining exactly what you should have.

You can learn new skills on the job, which is what you should always be doing if you’re looking for career progression. You aren’t wasting anyones time by applying for a job, don’t let people tell you otherwise.

Learn on the job, know that you can learn new things and that you have the capacity to develop in your job. You must not stay still. Now is the time to try.


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