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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

When we think about negotiation we really just think about negotiating our salary. That's when we feel totally uncertain and worried about how we get what we want without ruining the relationship we have built throughout the interview process.

You've been building it throughout the process, this beginning stages of a working relationship. You're attending interviews, getting to know the team maybe and while you're doing that you have tried to come across in a way that makes people in the business start to visualise you in the job.

But then, you have to negotiate the offer. This can feel like a total u turn and when we feel worried about speaking about something we can become overly assertive to try and compensate for how nervous we actually feel.

Either that or we can just accept the offer without negotiating anything at all because we don't want to have to talk about salary. We might even just feel that we shouldn't ask for

I've been negotiating deals for years, I've seen how effective negotiation can help at every step of the interview process. Not just when you get an offer. It never starts at the offer sage anyway, negotiation starts a lot earlier in the process.

It starts when you apply for a job, it's happening while you're interviewing and throughout all your interactions. We don't see it like that but that's the reality. That can free us up, we don't have to feel that talking about salary is going to ruin a relationship that you've invested in, and created.

We don't just have to speak about salary either. You might negotiate your working hours, your location or even your benefits. There are ways to negotiate that can help you feel more comfortable asking for what you want and need.

You're working for money, you're entering into a contractual agreement so there's no need to shy away from the conversation. Sometimes we just need so

me tools to help us navigate our way through this.

Join me this Thursday at 1800 BST I am speaking with the EA How To Community about this very topic. Come along and ask me a question about any aspect of the process. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

To register for the free event then just click here.

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