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Building Miss Jones PA with Managing Director, Lisa Boissel

Lisa Boissel is the Managing Director of Miss Jones PA. She is an incredibly experienced event planner and connector who loves bringing people together and has been at the helm of Miss Jones PA for the past eight years.

Miss Jones PA is the leading Assistant and events community in the UK and I am thrilled that Lisa spoke with me. You can listen to the episode if you just click here.

If you have used their event calendar to see what is happening in our community, been to an event in person (pre pandemic obviously), attended one of the virtual summits or even attended their incredible PA Awards, then you’ll know the how meticulous Lisa is in what she delivers.

Serving the community with over 100 free webinars and training throughout the last year, Lisa is a real advocate for collaboration in our industry.

We’re speaking about how she built Miss Jones PA, the community, how life has been over the past year and what events she has planned over the next few months.

The Miss Jones PA network allows our members to develop and grow their skillset, meet with like minded individuals and influencers and introduce their network to the best venues and suppliers to develop personal relationships when booking.

Membership is open to ALL assistants globally!

Just some of the things we speak about in this episode are:

- Building a business and community

- How much we miss events

- The importance of connection

- Managing Miss Jones throughout the pandemic

- Creating new ways to connect during Covid

- Using your intuition in business

- Helping people connect and learn during the pandemic

- Plans for the future for Miss Jones PA

- Virtual Summit coming up

- Partnering with The Office Management Group and The Officials for the Virtual Summit 2021

- Coping with lockdown on her own

- Helping the hospitality industry back on its feet

- Events of the future

Check out how you can get in touch with Lisa here:

Lisa Boissel & Miss Jones PA

💥Instagram - @lisaboissel @missjonespa @missjonescommunity

😁Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/missjonespa/

🔗LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/miss-jones-pa-39404b36/

🌏 Website - http://www.missjonespa.com

Go and listen to the episode now either by clicking here or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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