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Building Your Career as an Executive Assistant - Episode with Alex Foster

Alex Foster is an Executive Assistant who knew that this was the career he wanted for a long time. It took some time for him to take the steps to become an Assistant and went for it, but it wasn’t without difficulties.

Alex needed tenacity to be able to build a career in a space that is dominated by women. Only 6% of Assistants are men, and Alex came face to face with some of the gender bias that exist within our industry.

When he started to interview for roles it was clear that people weren’t expecting him to be interested in the job.

The perception that this is a job held by females only is still out there in many industries and businesses.

Not letting that deter him, he has worked hard to build his reputation and brand to be able to move the needle on his career.

Alex has really had to fight for his career, this tenacity and speed of moving on from set backs that has allowed him to keep moving towards his goal.

His love of this community is clear and he is still working to create the career that he wants, it’s a candid conversation about his experiences and perception of the industry today.

From the role being undervalued by businesses, discrimination and gender bias, community, and personal brand. He speaks about it all.

We speak about:

- Creating the career that you want

- Gender and the Assistant role

- Educating companies about the value of the Assistant role

- Tenacity and how to develop that in your own career

- Navigating career changes during the pandemic

- Utilising LinkedIn

- How to start networking to create the career that you want

- Leveraging networks

Listen to the episode now or find the podcast everywhere you listen to your podcasts.

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