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Can You Future Proof Your Career?

Nicky Christmas is the founder of Practically Perfect PA and Nicky asked me to be part of their Virtual Summit in a live conversation with her about the future of the Assistant role at the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit.

Nicky and I have known of each other for a long time and I was lucky enough to interview her for Assistants Together. You can listen to our conversation here.

It was amazing to hear about her career journey and building her business. Nicky is really passionate about bringing information to her community and it all started with a blog. Take a look by heading to her website.

So, when Nicky asked me to be part of the Virtual Summit again I jumped at the chance to speak about this. We spoke about future of the role, what changes have happened during the pandemic and how people can future proof their careers.

The role of the Assistant has been changing for a long time. We first saw a big shift in 2008 when the financial recession hit. Many people had to change the way that they were working.

With less jobs available many became hybrid roles, a combination of office management and Assistant role for example. It was a time that shaped a lot of the ways that Assistants are working today. That has continued to change in the last twelve years and the pandemic has and will encourage more change.

The pandemic brought a lot of changes in the way that we work. We were forced to become more agile and fast. We worked from home, we created new ways of communicating and being a valued member of the team. We had to change and we did it.

I know this doesn't feel that great, for a lot of people this is not what they're looking for. The role keeps evolving and having a growth mindset, being open to change and taking opportunities when they present themselves is more important than ever.

Assistants have a real opportunity to change their roles now, to create new opportunities for themselves and to continue to keep their foot on the accelerator. Keep going with the changes because that's where the opportunities lie. How do you want your role to look now and in the future?

It was great to be able to speak about these things with Nicky and share some of my thoughts about some of the really difficult situations that Assistants may be finding themselves in.

After all the interviews I've conducted on the podcast with industry leaders, I know that evolution is imperative and I'll share more about that soon.

Don't forget to listen to the podcast episode with Nicky here.

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