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COVID-19 Interview Questions

There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t talking about COVID-19 and the impact that it is having on our economy, our countries and our lives. What we aren’t talking about is what it is going to be like to answer interview questions around this topic.

If you’re interviewing at the moment then people are going to ask you questions about how you have responded to COVID-19. This could cause some potential problems. SO much of our experience of COVID-19 is so personal, how we have responded and are responding isn’t necessarily the topic that we want to discuss with a potential employer.

In this video I discuss some of the kinds of questions that you may be asked and how I would answer them. We have all been effected by this pandemic in so many different ways and I am concerned that you may feel on the spot and vulnerable when these questions are asked. So lets prepare, that’s how we make sure we are ready for anything in interviews.

1. What have you learnt about yourself during this pandemic?

2. Can you do the job you are required to do from home?

3. How have you been spending your time?

4. Are you willing to work from home?

5. What questions will you ask a company about their response to COVID-19?

I am sure that every future employee will want to know how a business has responded to this crisis, how they have treated their staff and what their plans are for on boarding and returning to the office. I hope this gives you some clarity on these points and that you will feel comfortable answering these questions honestly but without compromising your own personal life.

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