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Episode 1 - Hen at Ten

This is episode one of #henatten and I am really excited to answer your questions about your job search this week. These are the questions:

1. How do I start my job search?

Just start. Write your CV, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it done and start sending it out. You can rewrite it later if you want, change things and adapt it depending on the role. Just start the process. You can then add in the extra things you want to do as part of your job search like approaching companies directly, networking and other great things that can help. Get going and work the rest out later.

2. Do I need to include all my jobs on my CV?

Yes and no, there are so may conflicting pieces of advice from people and so many RULES about CVs but there aren’t really any formal rules. I personally like to see someones career progression and I don’t think that you need to write as much about past jobs but don’t hide them either. Just write a line outlining where you worked, who you worked for and the dates. There is a certain point in everyone’s life where your experience doesn’t neatly fit onto two pages but it doesn’t need to be an issue.

3. How do I prep for an interview when I don’t have much information about the job?

Go back to the advert, highlight any key words or phrases that they used about the job, then look at the spec and do the same. You’ll be surprised about how much information is in there about the role and what you can take that will be useful to your interview. Then go to their website and do the same. The most important part of the prep process is working out how you are going to describe your experience, what can you do, how have you worked in the past and get comfortable asking questions about the job too. You will have the chance to ask questions, the first interview is often exploratory so just use it as an opportunity to get more information that you need to decide if it is a job that you would consider.

4. Should I follow up applications when I haven’t heard anything?

Yes, always. It may not increase your chance of getting an interview or being considered for the role but it is important to ask the question. Companies are slower to get back to people at the moment, we are seeing that consistency across businesses so it is worth getting in touch and asking the question. If someone doesn’t get back to you then that is more of a reflection of them than you. Sadly it is very common in my industry.

5. I have had some people get in touch to ask me to review their CVs this week, I don’t provide that as a service. There are many variations of CVs and different industries and countries have different preferences. What I would say is really pay attention to your Summary and make sure it outlines what you want next. SO many businesses are hiring based on potential and if you aren’t clear about what you want it is difficult for people to know what kind of role you are looking for. So much of your CV is about what has happened in the past, this part is an opportunity to talk about where you are going.

Thanks for all your questions, I am looking forward to answering more next week. You can leave a comment below or DM me and I will try and answer as many as I can.

Have a great week.



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