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Hen at Ten - Episode 2

I started to produce content here as a way to help people who were looking for work or were in need of some career advice during this time. I know that many people are in need of information and so I will post more content around this topic over the coming weeks.

This week’s Hen at Ten covers three questions:

1. Why should I create a full profile for LinkedIn?

One of the things I most love about LinkedIn is the potential for you to find a new job. You have the possibility of applying for jobs, creating connections and so much more. One of the best features is that you can download a CV using just your profile.

If you go to Profile - More - Download Resume then it will generate a CV for you there and then. You can also send someone your profile as a PDF.

It’s such a useful tool to use and is great if you need to apply for a job quickly and you don’t have one ready to go.

2. What's the most effective way to prep for an interview?

Make it a life long quest to compile stories, ideas and thoughts about how you can describe situations that you have been in. Your career is a work in progress and keeping ideas about things to speak about in interviews can be really useful.

There is so much to prep for before an interview and they can often be last minute so give yourself some planning time and really get some context that you can use. It’s hard to think of ideas in the middle of an interview so prep.

3. What's the best way to structure an answer to an interview question?

Always think of your answer in the same way that you would structure an essay. It needs a beginning, a middle and an end to flow really well.

Discuss the context, where you were working, what situation you were in and then give them the ending. Speak about what the outcomes were and what you learnt.

This will really help you formulate your answers and know that you’re taking a practical approach to getting the information across.

Look forward to catching up with you all over the week and let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to answer for you.

Have a great week.



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