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How To Get Through Pandemic Fatigue - Episode with Suzie Flynn

Suzie and I have been trying to record this episode for you for ages. We couldn’t make it work (my fault entirely) but we seemed to have connected at the right time.

I had spent some time working out where I wanted the podcast to go and then it was like the planets aligned and it was really easy to get together and record it. Some times timing is everything right?!

I have been speaking to many of you in DMs and on calls about your job search process and just how hard it can be at the moment and I knew just the person to speak to about how you can cope with job search fatigue and pandemic fatigue.

Pandemic fatigue is a real thing, I hit a wall at six months in and felt incredibly low, not knowing how and when we are going to move through this can be incredibly intense.

That's why I wanted Suzie Flynn who is an Executive Assistant and Business Coach, to come on the podcast and speak about how we can really move ourselves through this.

Suzie was an Executive Assistant who changed careers after some major life events. Suzie now spends her time supporting other people in their careers and coaching them though change, life events and to help them create the life that they want.

Suzie shares so many useful perspectives, mindset techniques and strategies that will help you through any difficult moment.

Just some of the things we talk about:

- Overcome job search fatigue

- Permission to change your life

- Challenging and changing your own negative self talk

- Giving yourself permission to enjoy your day

- Scheduling your day with intention

- Beginning your gratitude practise

- Motivation and what it means to you

- How to change your physiology to improve your mental state

Listen to the episode here or wherever you listen to your podcasts. You can find us on Apple & Spotify.

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