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People That Change Things

Updated: Mar 20

There are some people who change things. For a long time as a recruiter I felt like I was on the outside a bit. I didn't want to hang out with other recruiters but the communities for assistants.

Last year I connected with Lauren Bradley and she managed to convince me that I was part of the assistant's community and that changed everything. She verified me and I really needed that push to get more involved.

Lauren is super passionate about making training AFFORDABLE for assistants. That's why she has the most amazing community and membership site where you can access some seriously amazing courses.

So when she asked me if I would write a course for her amazing community, The Officials I said yes. What do you want me to write and when do you need it.

Lauren had already the Getting The Job course which is amazing. When we were talking we realised that people weren't thinking about their careers before they absolutely needed a job and were terrified about how to move forward. So I created Success Planning for Career Growth which is about being really strategic in your career.

Taking charge of your career and asking the right questions to find out where you are and where you want to go is so key. That's what this does, it allows you to have a roadmap towards your goals.

You have two options. You can become a fully fledged member of The Officials or you can buy the course on it's own for just $37 USD.

Use the discount code for $10 Off course price: CAREERGROWTH

Monthly*$21.99/month (no joining fee $25) click

Monthly Promo*3 months for $56.07 then $21.99 click

Annual*Month $245/year (no joining fee $25) click

*This allows you to join The Officials membership without the joining fee ($25 OFF)

Some people just change things and they change things for a lot of people.


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