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How To Start Your Job Search

Job searching, like anything in life is SIMPLE but not EASY. Mel Robbins really helped me when I heard her say this, she said that what I wanted to do was simple but I didn’t find anything easy. I was struggling to take the action that I needed to in order to see the changes that I wanted to.

What I know about looking for a job is that it is simple but the emotion, the feelings can really hold you back. I understand how hard it can be to be in a situation where you are out of control, outside circumstances have changed your life and it happened to me in 2008 when the recession hit and I had only started my business a couple of years before and I had a baby in 2008 as well so I was struggling to see how I could positvley impact my life. My son was ill as well and I really didn’t know how to cope but I learned how to change things, it required a lot of work and creating a structure for myself.

Companies are still hiring, it may require a gear change from you, a new way of working but it is happening, there are new jobs being created.

I created a framework where you can access a massive Deck totally dedicated to explaining how you can get a job. The only problem is that theres nothing new in there, nothing that you don’t already know about how to find a job. The process of finding a job at the moment might be slower and harder but I am showing up every day on here live at 10am BST #henatten to help you.

This is my first Instagram Live, I talk about this subject now and I am going into more depth and start speaking about personal brand, CVs, LinkedIn etc over the next few days. Hopefully I’ll see you and if you know someone who is looking for a job now, please share this with them.

Hen x


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