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How To Write A GREAT Cover Letter

I know cover letters aren’t the most exciting topics but they can be really important when you’re looking for a job. I don’t really like cover letters and I don’t ask for them when recruiting for roles however I know that many other people rely on them. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay so if you have to write one when you’re applying for a job then this is how you can write a great one.

✉️Keep it clear, it needs to be easy to read and make sure you don’t include unessential information.

✉️Keep it authentic, people want to know about YOU and it should sound like you when you write it.

✉️Don’t make it too formal, try not to use too many formal introductions and terminology, we don’t want it to sound stuffy and boring.

✉️Use examples of your successes that may not be included in your CV.

✉️Tailor each cover letter for each new role, don’t recycle them because we can tell when they aren’t specifically written for the job you’re applying for.

✉️You don’t have to write an actual letter, you could use bullet points, make a video, the choice is yours but do make sure its relevant to your industry.

✉️Brag. Now is the time to talk about your successes and be proud of them.

Good Luck and enjoy the process. I hope that writing a cover letter doesn’t stop you from applying for a job. I know people get concerned that their cover letter isn’t good enough but that really is rarely the case. There is a lot of fuss made about the fact that if you don’t write a good enough cover letter then you won’t be considered for the role. Just ignore that kind of advice, it’s not helpful or the truth. Start practising now if you’re not sure how you write a cover letter, practise will make it easier 💙


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