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If You Have Been Made Redundant

If you have lost your job or been made redundant I am so sorry. I know that our identity is so wrapped up in our work and our sense of productivity that this can be such a difficult thing to happen even at the best of times. I have been in situations where I have also felt those feelings and I really do have a huge amount of empathy. However, we have to get moving so that you can secure a new job and these are the things that I would recommend.

1. Take action - if you are entitled to Government support, apply for it today. It can take a long time for applications to be processed and that can leave you in a difficult situation so research what help is available to you today.

2. Mental Health - I am no expert although I have been through some incredibly difficult times in my life. One of the things I always think is important is to come back to basics. What are the things that work for you or have worked for you historically? In my case I have to exercise, eat well and put some structure in place to be able to cope with uncertainties, they ground me and make me feel like I am taking action. Take a look online, there are so many free resources and one that I have found to be incredibly helpful has been Mel Robbins, she even has free courses that you can work through every day.

3. Level Up - What skills do you need to improve? We are communicating in a new way and businesses have been forced to adapt quickly. Where are the gaps in our knowledge and how can you ensure that you have taken the steps to be able to make sure that you have the skills needed.

4. Be flexible - There will be work out there, we know that there is but you must always know what value you are able to bring a business. If you were working in an industry that isn’t hiring at all at the moment then how can you present yourself to organisations and communicate what value you can bring easily and effectively. Make time to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and your CV too.

5. Start your own business? Is this the time that you could consider starting your own business. You have so much to offer and perhaps it is something that you have always wanted to do. This could be the time that you could identify a market for yourself while looking for a new job as well.

I don’t underestimate how hard this can feel however there are opportunities out there. I really require you to take consistent action towards your goals every single day. The most consistent and focussed approach will serve you so well, especially on days when you don’t want to have to show up and apply for jobs.


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