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Launching the PA Forum - Episode with Daniel Skermer

I was so excited to speak with Daniel Skermer, the Founder of the PA Forum. Daniel founded the hugely successful PA Forum in 2016.

Having worked within the hospitality industry Daniel developed his ability to connect, inspire and communicate with people. His clear talent at bringing people together to celebrate their work, their life and their unique abilities is obvious.

Daniel almost accidentally launched the PA Forum. He needed to start connecting with people in Birmingham so that he could succeed in his new job.

He’d been out of the country working for some time and a chance meeting with an Executive Assistant unlocked a whole new world to him. I’ll leave it to him to describe how the forum was launched but it’s amazing the power of the Assistant community.

Daniel has worked tirelessly to host Learning and Development Conferences for Business Support professionals and two award ceremonies to recognise and celebrate the PA, EAs and VAs.

Daniel is a real force for the profession. Enjoy.

Just some of the things we speak about:

- Daniel’s career

- How he developed the PA Forum

- The art of listening

- Bringing PA Networks together

- What drives him

- What makes the PA Forum special

- The plans for 2021

- Developing connections and networking

Check out the PA Forum's website here

Listen to the episode with Daniel now on Assistants Together - click here or listen to the episode wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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