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Mallory Rothstein

Mallory Rothstein, Founder of More Than An Admin, Learn What Matters, Administrative Business Partner at Google & TEDx Speaker is on the podcast. Listen to the episode now by clicking this link.

Mallory is on a mission to help teens and assistants level up on their personal development journey to fulfil their purpose and have a greater impact. She started Learn What Matters to create alumni programmes for high schools, help teens invest in self awareness and provide coaching and workshops. Mallory is also a TEDx speaker, talking about when she went back to her high school.

Mallory has also founded More Than An Admin, a community for people to share experiences and ideas about their administrative role. Mallory knew that she wanted to start this when she started to speak with her peers at Google. She realised that she wanted to help people learn, discover and leverage who they were and what their purpose is both within their role and outside of it. Mallory knows that she won’t want to be in an administrative role forever, but works to be the best at what she does, whilst acknowledging there are other opportunities out there.

Helping people have a bigger business impact is also an important factor for her, as is understanding the value that you bring will allow you to support people in your own unique way. It’s also a space that allows you to transition out of the role, if that feels the right thing for you.

This is something that we don’t speak about very much and a conversation that is more and more prevalent at the moment.

We speak about:

- How to build really successful working relationships

- Transitioning out of an administrative role

- How to make a big impact in your role

- How you can reduce stress at work

- Really getting to know people you work with

- How to know yourself

- Documenting your journey to show growth

- Tedx talk and what it was like to speak about her experience

- What happens when you don’t know what you want to do with your career

- Executives who don’t want to let go of their Assistants

- How timing is everything

Listen on Apple Podcasts or here and check out Mallory's website too.

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