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The Best Job Spec

I love job specs, they’re a fascinating insight into a business and a role and can really make or break your search.

In the same way a CV shows a candidate’s skills in the best possible light, a job spec is a great way to market your business as an attractive place to work. As a recruiter I see such a level of variation in the quality of job spec and I encourage clients to realise they are much more than a definition of the role.

Instead consider the language, visuals and tone of the way you construct a job spec. The best ones give a clear insight into the culture of a company and also reflect how well employees are valued and empowered human resources are within the business. High levels of transparency are valued by candidates as it encourages deeper investigation and engagement.

Remember that even in a job market where there are a lot of people looking for roles, the very best candidates will have several potential suitors and you want to ensure they are given the very best impression of your business as a dynamic and desirable place to work. These small things can give you a competitive advantage when it comes to making an offer and getting it accepted over other companies.

I would break the job spec down into sections:

1. Firstly begin with your business: Talk about how you were established, what you do, who you are, successes that the company has had and how the business plans to grow and develop going forward. Given that most jobs specs are emailed now, you can build in links to your social channels or even key pieces of press that would get a candidate excited.

2. Present the job itself, with a short definition of the objectives, followed by a number of bullet points outlining the key duties within the job itself.

3. Outline the skills and qualifications someone might need for this role.

In order to create an exciting spec which will encourage people to become enthused about your business and the prospect of working there it is really important to ascertain the key objectives of the role. If you want some help doing this then you can watch my video about this here:


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