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The First UK Office Management Awards - Episode with Hana Gray

Hana Gray is the Founder of the Black and White Office Consultancy and The Office Management Group. Their aim is to support and advise people that are responsible for running offices, including general office management, facilities, procurement and business continuity planning.

Hana is a total force within our industry and was on the podcast in March speaking about her career and how she launched these two businesses and grew her community. You can listen to that episode if you haven’t already because it is so fascinating to find out what drives Hana.

I really wanted Hana back this time to speak about The Office Management Awards. The Office Management Awards are the first official UK awards celebrating and recognising office management professionals. How exciting is that?! What an incredibly exciting and important event that we can all get involved in, this is a real turning point for the profession and it's down to Hana and her absolute passion and drive for bringing resources, community and she is a true advocate for this community.

- Why Hana decided now was the time to create these incredible awards

- What categories there are

- The process of entering the awards

- Why you should nominate yourself

- Why it’s so important to acknowledge and celebrate office management professionals

- The increase of hybrid roles

- Working from home

- Just how exciting these awards are going to be!

Check out their website here

Click here to listen to the episode or listen where ever you listen to your podcasts.

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