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The Unemployed Assistant - Episode with Jeff Marchand

When I saw the Instagram handle @theunemployedassistant I needed to know who this was. This doesn't happen to me that often.

You can imagine that it peaked my interest and not just from a professional capacity. I just loved the forth rite name and I had to find out more.

Jeff Marchand is an Executive Assistant in a Fortune 100 company and when he started his instagram account he had just been through a professional breakup.

Jeff had been hired for a role and it just didn’t work out. This happens regularly but there is often a sense of disappointment, loss and uncertainty that naturally comes with a situation like this.

Jeff went through a period of self reflection, interviews and discovering a world of Assistants who wanted to connect through social media.

He speaks candidly about the process of finding a job, the rejection, the self protection and how to find your way through difficult times.

He even set up a side hustle during the March 2020 lockdown to allow his creative side to come through. Jeff has four dogs, soon to be seven (I think this number has actually gone up) because his husband David is a dog breeder.

He started to create stickers and then moved onto making t shirts as well. You can find his business on Instagram and Etsy - check out the links below.

Some of the things we speak about are:

- Rejection is redirection

- How to get back on your feet

- The power of friends and community

- How the Unemployed Assistant started out

- Starting a side hustle

- The importance of finding the right role

- Interviews and applying for jobs

- When an Assistant role doesn’t work out

Connect with Jeff Marchand on LinkedIn

Listen to the episode here or anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

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