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There's No Such Thing as a Bad Market

It can be so tempting at the beginning of your job search to ask a recruiter some questions. How's the market? What kind of salary do you think I can get?


They don't know much more than you do. Seriously. They know their market, their clients. They know how much their clients pay. They know anecdotally what's happening in the rest of the market. But that's it.

The market is the market, it is a supply and demand issue. It isn't necessarily bad, the market isn't necessarily bad or necessarily good. It's just about inventory. And it shifts and changes to be the candidate driven market sometimes and a client driven market at other times.

This is the same with any industry. It has peaks and troughs. And it just so happens that recruitment mirror a lot of other industries. In real estate you have a lot of inventory or lots of houses on the market. And then you don't have very many buyers. That draws down the price of those properties.

Now, if we're talking to recruiters about the market, then their market it small. So as a recruiter, I can speculate about other industries, I can understand from statistics, I can speak anecdotally to other recruiters about what their markets are like.

But if you're asking a recruiter what the market is like and not doing the research yourself, and you're missing a big opportunity to actually get that information yourself and not be put off by what recruiters are saying.

If you asked a recruiter in 2008, what the market was like, because they worked with financial companies, they were going to tell you it's a bad market. In other industries, the market wasn't as bad.

So if we're leaving this up to recruiters to decide, who don't necessarily work on a huge volume of jobs then you're not going to get the information that you need to be able to create those create opportunities for yourself.

So the easiest way to do that is to think about where you can find the information for yourself before you speak to a recruiter.

By all means, ask them, what their market is like what the jobs they're working on in life and what the opportunities are to work with them.

But do your own research, look at LinkedIn, look at job boards, find out what kind of companies are hiring in what sector and then you are in a position to create opportunities for yourself, you're in a position to approach recruiters who work in those industries specifically.

That gives you so much more control over your job search. Instead of waiting for recruiters to tell you if it's a good or bad time to find a new job or to create a new opportunity, look at what the market is doing yourself.

You read the paper, online anyway, but you read articles about the market. You can see on LinkedIn, whether lots of people are looking for work in your network or how they're doing all these things are clear.

If you create this pool of information for yourself, then when you start talking to recruiters, you'll understand if they're talking about the market, whether it is a good or bad market for them, and if they're doing well or not.

Then you can choose whether or not you want to register with them. Or if they're even working in the kind of sectors that you're interested in.

Take some of your control back, you'll be glad that you did.

You can watch the whole video about working with Recruiters here:

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